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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phantom Stallion/Wild Horse Island Trivia quiz

Dear Readers,
I know I was supposed to post the answers to these questions on Jan. 5, but since I'm already later, I thought I'd give you a chance to post your answers before I do mine!

1. Which River Bend cowboy writes poetry?
2. Which Hawaiian treasure must be returned to a royal burial cave?
3. The Phantom's full sister is Hoku. Was she born in Nevada or Hawaii?
4. What is the name of the Phantom's mother?
5. Is Black Lava a stallion or mare?
6. Does Darby see her first wild horse in Nevada or Hawaii?
7. Which River Bend cowboy carved a wooden mustang for Sam?
8. The foal of Dark Sunshine and the Phantom is _____________________.
9. Blue Wings was a gift to Wyatt Forster from ______________________.
10. In the Wild Horse Island series, which comes first, the tsunami or the volcanic erruption?
11. The Phantom has had several lead mares. Name two.
12. Sam's baby brother is named _____________________.
13. This draft horse predicted an earthquake and has a talent for jumping.
14.Name one palomino that is part of the Kenworthy's Fire and Ice breeding program
15. Who is Jen's sort-of boyfriend?
16. Who is the first one of Sams friends to see Tempest?

Extra credit: Guess which of my characters this girl inspired?

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