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Sunday, April 29, 2007

She Sings of Horses and...

Dear Readers,
Saturday I went to a WONDERFUL concert by Lacy J. Dalton! I have all of her CDs and I know her as a sweet & savvy horse lover and activist through her LET 'EM RUN foundation, but her concert presence is amazing! She is funny, creative and a skilled muscian with her guitar and voice!
I can't wait for her new album! One of the songs, "Somebody Else's Dime" is a crack up and you'll be singing along after you've heard it once. "Slip Away" has a haunting quality I can't explain. Sigh.
And she writes about horses. Lots. SHE COULD RUN is so good. The first time I heard it, I was driving alone, and it made me cry. You can listen to a sample here: http://www.lacyjdalton.com/She-Could-Run.htm

I've heard rumors that Lacy is writing a song about the Phantom Stallion (who roamed the range near her Nevada home) and I hope the rumors are true!!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

MySpace Update

HI --
My kids are helping me learn to add things to my MySpace account. Tell me what you think!
Happy trails,

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You Rock!

Today the House of Representatives voted to save America's wild horses from slaughter by a vote of 277/137. As soon as I get the details, I'll let you know how YOUR CONGRESSMAN voted. Then, you can say "Thanks!" or "What's up with you?" :)
The next step is the Senate! Keep your fingers crossed...unless you haven't called your Senator yet. If that's the case, uncross those fingers and use them to dial!!!
Excited and hopeful,

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I just did it

Dear Readers,
It only took me five minutes to call my Senator's & Congressman's office, leave my messages with assistants and then follow up with two emails! I used my own links from yesterday's blog and they hooked me up instantly.
Or, try this www.phantomstallion.org/speakout.html -- super easy.

Go for it. The horses need you to speak for them!
My readers are the best,

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Monday, April 23, 2007


This week will be a make-or-break time in Congress for horses.
Didn't we already do this, you may be wondering. Well, almost.
Three horse slaughter plants in the United States, all foreign owned, have been shut down...for now.
But horse slaughter is not yet banned in the United States, and it is still legal to send U.S. horses out of the country for slaughter, where they face longer transports and an even more grisly death.
Starting on Tuesday morning, April 24
everyone who cares about ending horse slaughter needs to call Congress Here's why: On Wednesday, April 25, the Senate Commerce Committee will voteon S. 311, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. YourU.S. Senator must hear from you to protect horses from slaughter.
Please call and urge support for S. 311.
When you make your call, you can say: "Hello, my name is [yourname] and I'm calling from [your state] to urge Senator ___ to protect American horses from ending up on the menu in foreignrestaurants by voting YES on S. 311."

Locate your Senator here
After you make your call,click here to send a follow-up email :https://community.hsus.org/campaign/FED_2007_horse_slaughter_sen/knbd6x2yxewjjb?
The very next day, Thursday, April 26, a bill (H.R. 249) torestore protections for wild horses from commercial sale andslaughter will be brought up for a vote in the full House of Representatives. Your U.S. Representative, must hear fromyou. Please call and urge a yes vote on H.R. 249. After you say your name and where you are calling from, all you haveto say is: "I'm calling to urge Representative____ to save our wild horses from being soldand sent to slaughter by voting YES on H.R. 249."
Locate your Congressman here
Then clickhere to send a follow-up email https://community.hsus.org/campaign/2007_wild_horse_act2/knbd6x2yxewjjb?

Please help spread the word about the National Call-In Day on Tuesday.

The horses are counting on you to speak for them.

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The Horse in Mrs. Allen's House

Dear Readers,
Lots of good people are trying to help wild horses. I know you'll enjoy following the progress of this injured foal being cared for by the Kickin' Back Ranch and Shirley Allen. YOU REMEMBER -- Mrs. Allen the horse angel -- the one who cared for the Phantom & his family before he left for the Sanctuary?
Here's how the story starts, but you'll have to check out the website for the adorable photos...

"...received another orphan foal on April 11th that is going to keep Shirley pretty busy...
Shirley named the less than a week old foal little Ozzie because he makes little muffling, sneezy chortles like the Lion in Wizard of Oz and because of head injuries that has left him "little out there in the Land of Oz right now."

"Ozzie apparently got caught in the middle of an altercation between two adult horses, perhaps two stallions mixing it up, and took pretty severe blows to the head and neck. It is possible that a stallion grabbed him by the neck and flung him out of the way... " http://www.kbrhorse.net/news/ozziehouse01.html

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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Dear Readers,
I'm sure some of you remember Tinkerbell, the gentle mustang with draft blood, from my book GIFT HORSE. Many of you were upset by the treatment of this fictional mustang, but Tinkerbell was abused, then saved. Most horses brought to auction yards aren't so lucky.
TODAY and TOMORROW, Congress is considering bills which will decide whether American horses live or die.
If you haven't called yet, please do. Yesterday, in my blog, I posted several easy ways to do that.
Today, I'm posting an interview I did with three of my readers. I wish it weren't still timely.
Q: What are your views on horse slaughter?
TF: Wild horse slaughter is totally unnecessary. It is based on greed and perpetuated in a cruel and prolonged method. Greed is found in those who believe they have a God-given right to dominate the earth and to have things their way no matter the cost to other people or species. Sadly, they have found legislators who will pass laws to back up that arrogance -- in exchange for campaign contributions. The result is that we will lose a West which can be brought back, once it's destroyed.
On the slaughter itself -- the manager of Cavell International in Texas, one of the U.S.'s horse slaughter factories -- claims the horses aren't afraid and never in pain. This is ludicrous, and clearly aimed at convincing people who've never been around horses. An animal who will shy at a blowing leaf is certainly afraid in a loud factory filled with the sound of thundering machinery and screaming animals.

Q: Why do you think these views?
TF: My research indicates that the Wild Horse and Burro Act, passed by Congress in 1971, is working to protect both the range and the horses. At the time the law was passed, estimates placed the numbers of wild horses and burros at 60,000, down from 2 million at the turn of the century. Today, the BLM estimates there are only 37,000 wild horses and burros roaming Western public lands and yet Conrad Burns says the range is overrun with horses damaging the land. The facts just don't support this contention.

Q: What are you doing to try to stop horse slaughter?
TF: As a child, I was part of Wild Horse Annie's letter writing campaign that prompted the 1971 law to protect wild horses and one thing she said was you have to "speak up for what you believe, even if your voice shakes." So, even though I am more comfortable reading and writing, I've had to step up and act on behalf of my readers and the horses.
After hearing from thousands of readers via email and letters, I arranged a meeting with Nevada Senator Harry Reid where I presented over 1,000 letters sent to me by readers from all over the world.
In addition, I'm calling my representatives' offices so much that their assistants recognize my name, and know I'm calling about the wild horses. In short, I'm paying attention and posting facts on my website so that U.S. representatives know the whole world is watching their actions.
Q: How are you persuading other to protest?
TF: Most people need no persuasion when they hear how this greedy law was sneaked into a 2,000 page bill which included laws on things as diverse as protecting fish habitat, feeding the hungry and building bridges in Alaska. Most legislators didn't take the time to read the entire 2,000 pages and those who did had a hard time weighing the good programs vs. those they hated. Many people think this is a bad way to run a democracy and think the slaughter of America's wild horses should come to a vote, since they are a treasure which belongs to all citizens

Q: What are the positives and negatives to the Burns Bill/ horse slaughter?
TF: There are no long-term positives. Some people believe beef will be less expensive if cattle don't have to share the range with wild life. That's a fallacy, because we've domesticated cattle and other meat animals. Wild horses still act like prey. When they graze and drink at water holes, they take quick bites and sips and move on. Domesticated animals are far more likely to graze grass to the ground and wade into water holes, causing damage.
In addition, the Burns bill encourages greed. The lazy and cruel can make a ton of money by going to the BLM wild horse corrals and purchasing horses for about $100 each (though BLM has vaccinated the animals, and captured them via a helicopter which costs at least $1000 per day to put in the air), then sell them to killer-buyers for $800-1,000+ per horse. I don't think subsidizing this kind of greed is ever a good thing.

Q: Do you think some ranchers approve of the bill and horse slaughter? Why?
TF: yes -- see above

Q: How did you find out about the Burns Bill? What was your reaction?
TF: I first heard about it from a reader in Texas and though I thought it was just an Internet rumor, I assured her I'd check it out. I wish it had been just a rumor.

Q: How can people overseas help prevent horse slaughter and/or repeal the Burns Bill? How can teens and kids help?
TF: People from all over the world, especially children, were responsible for making the government pass and enforce the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. It can certainly happen again. We all need to let elected officials know they are not enforcing the will of most people.
Educating those around us to the facts is the important first step. Reports like yours can help by telling your teachers and peers what's really happening. In addition, the Internet is a powerful way of spreading such information. In 1971, that tool didn't exist. Now, information and pictures (some of them horrific) can be spread around the world in minutes.

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Humans eating Horses

Many of you have written to me asking for updates on the slaughter of horses, so I'm sharing two websites I depend on to stay informed.
They'll show you how you can help.
Please visit :



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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mare to Remember

Dear Readers, Queen Zenya Dann is a black mustang owned by Roxanne Talltree. Now part of the real Phantom's herd, the mare will soon be free again and Roxanne was nice enough to share the mare's story with us. The information in brackets was added by me.
Let me know if this mare's story reminds you of one of my imaginary horses!

"I am the owner of Phantom's new wife, the beautiful black mare Queen Zenya Dann. When the Dann sisters [two Western Shoshone ranchers controversial because of their strong stands on Native American rights] were told that they had to move 300 horses off of "BLM land" about 80 of those horses were spoken for by Slick Gardner [a man repeatedly charged with animal cruelty and horse slaughter]. He holed them up at a place called Fish Creek and was going to leave them there for a short period of time before he transported them to his so-called "sanctuary" in California because most of them were either pregnant or had just foaled.
"He ended up abandoning them there with no food or water for weeks. LRTC wild horse mentors [a Nevada group helpful to many wild horses and their adopters] and some great volunteers, found out about the Fish Creek mares and went up and got them.
"By the time they got there, many were dead. The surviving mares were nursing orphaned babies sometimes more than one! They'd come together as best they could, as incredible mares, taking care of one another in an effort to save their herd.
"Many went to Shirley Allen in Dayton [Shirley is known as the "horse angel" who first took in the Phantom, Shy and Rain Cloud] and some went to LRTC wild horse mentors.
"I was at that time, living there and running both the ranch and adoption program. The Dann mares were exceptional. Sweet, smart, and for the most part, easy to gentle. I adopted one of the mares for my boyfriend, but he didn't really have the patience for her and so he titled her over to me. I had just lost my first, very beloved mustang HoonaH, so it was good for me to bond with her.
"I worked with her quite well but noticed that she was very reluctant to really bond with humans, much preferring the company of other mustangs, especially her own herd sisters. When we moved to Mount Shasta, Zenya loved it there and was an excellent nurse and companion to other mustangs I rescued, but she still didn't care for contact with humans.
"I sensed this about her and feared that if I pushed her, she would come to a bad end. Some mustangs get captured and do just fine in the world of humans, and some don't. I truly believed that she is one who would be better left, for the most part, alone.
"I halter broke her, and could groom and love on her, but really, if it was left up to her, she'd rather not. When I rescued a gorgeous mustang who was neglected and starved, I told Zenya that I needed her help to get him better. I asked her to be kind to him and help him.
"The minute I brought him in and she met him they formed a bond and friendship that most humans would envy. I credit her, not me, with saving this horse's heart and soul.
"When I moved to Arizona from California, I couldn't in all fairness, ask Zenya to make that journey. She hates trailers and confinement...
"When I logged onto the Wild Horse Sanctuary's website after hearing a lot about them over the years, I found out they had Dann mares. I called to ask if they would consider taking Zenya. When they agreed to, I was ecstatic. What better place or life for her than there?
"Zenya is probably between 10 and 12 now. She's been very healthy, beautiful and strong, and looks at children with that pretty soft eye some horses get when they see them. If she likes you, she will let you pet her and gets real soft at the touch. I can't tell you how special this horse is to me, and although it breaks my heart to have to be so far away from her, I love her still and want the best for her."

Readers, after reading this story of unselfishness, you probably won't be surprised to learn that Roxanne works with victims of domestic violence. Her dream is to partner abused women with wild horses!
If you'd like to see a photo of Queen Zenya Dann (and other members of the Phantom's family) check out
: http://www.paulharmonphotography.com/page/page/4498038.htm
Have a wonderful weekend,

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free Again Celebration

Howdy from Austin, Texas, home of great music, wonderful food, friendly people & amazing wildflowers --
this is just a quick note which will only apply to a handful of you, but the rest of you can "listen" in ...ok?
The Phantom's release date was chosen for many reasons. Two of the most important are that the grass should be sweet and plentiful then (making it less likely there will be stallion fights) and midweek, the entire ranch staff will be on hand to see that the Phantom, Pride, Shy and the rest of the horse family make it safely into the sanctuary.
On weekends, riders are guided into the high country on horseback by ranch wranglers and their $ Donation to the sancutary for these rides, overnight accomodations and meals help pay the wild horses' expenses.
Some parents have been frustrated that this is a mid-week release and I do understand, but this will be an educational experience. Tell you what...I'm a credentialed secondary teacher and if any of you want to propose this as a field trip, I'll be glad to email your teachers about the value of this event, and sign a note if that will help.
Happy Wednesday,

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Friday, April 13, 2007

San Antonio

Dear Readers,
I'm in Texas, writing to you from my laptop while I watch a huge thunder-lightning-hailstorm out my window. I hope the power stays on. In my old house in Nevada, it probably wouldn't, but I'm in a hotel in San Antonio, just a block or two from the Alamo. Fingers crossed I won't be sitting in the dark by the time I finish writing this!
The Texas Library Association conference has been wonderful! I've met tons of librarians & teachers and it's wonderful to be around those who love books as much as we do. I've done two book signings -- the readers and parents were great and some knew the Phantom's and Tempest's secret names! --and have one more to go, tomorrow at Borders in Selma, Texas.
I'll be doing a bit of sightseeing before I go home and write the next WILD HORSE ISLAND books.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing Gray Mare

Dear Readers,
A friend sent me this & I know you'll enjoy it too!

This video is of Andreas Helgstrand and his 9 year-old mare, Matinee, at the World Equestrian Games. It is the Musical Freestyle Dressage competition. Turn up the sound and watch this mare dance... she is amazing... she KNOWS where the beat is.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here's to Horses

No way is the Phantom losing his edge!
Check out the most recent photo of him on my NEWS page!!!!
I'm telling you guys, he IS the horse from my imagination. I wonder where he was that day I "thought I saw" a silver mustang down a canyon while I was on the cattle drive?
I'll be calculating the cross-country horse miles from where I first got the idea for my books to the range where the real Phantom showed up later.
This wonderful stallion gives me chills.
And when I think that he's over ten years old, and realize what his awful fate would have been under the current laws if he hadn't had friends, I know why my heart's with the horses!
Hope you're still with me,

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Dear Readers,
As those of you coming to see me in TEXAS know, I'll be travelling for about ten days...writing as I go!
I just got the description from the back of the first WILD HORSE ISLAND book, though, and I thought you might like to see it.
Until May 22, have fun imagining!

Darby Carter loves horses, even though she's never actually ridden one. Darby's grandfather is an expert rider -- in fact, he owns a horse ranch in Hawaii. So when he agrees to take her in -- along with the beautiful mustang Darby saved on the range in Nevada -- she knows she can't refuse, even if she is a little terrified!
But Darby's filly arrives in bad shape, and Darby's grandfather wonders if the wild horse will ever trust a human again. Can Darby take the reins an save her horse -- or has she lost the mustang forever?

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Glory

Happy Easter!
I've had some wonderful news from Wild Horse Sanctuary!
The Phantom, his mares and foal will be released in a FREE AGAIN celebration May10, 2 p.m.
The public & media is welcome!
More good news from photographer Paul Harmon -- Some other horses were put in a corral near the Phantom and his band and the Phantom has been charging the fence to keep the others away. I'm really heartened by that because I was a bit afraid he'd get used to the good life of free hay and fresh water and develop a "why worry?" attitude. I saw a photograph of his ears down, head-level charge though and no way! The big guy hasn't lost it!
Paul has posted the cutest photo of Phantom's Pride and a lovely shot of the Four Buckskins band, here:
Following the Foals
Enjoy the fresh start and blessings all around you!

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Saturday, April 07, 2007


HI again!
This morning I've received an avalanche of emails from readers who are frustrated because I'm not coming to their part of Texas next week! It is a big state, after all!
If you & your friends would like to come talk books and horses with me, that would be wonderful and definitely my first choice.
However, if you or your parents, grandparents, or teachers know anyone who lives CLOSE ENOUGH to come get an autographed book for you, I'd be happy to autograph it to you and they could send it to you.
Here are the details:

April 12 7 p.m.
Barnes & Noble
Northwoods Shopping Center18030 HWY 281NSuite #140San Antonio, TX 78232210-490-0411

April 14 2 p.m.
Borders8340 Agora ParkwaySelma, TX 78154Phone: 210.658.0808

Whisper: I'm bringing little horsey gifts for any readers who can tell me either the Phantom or Tempest's secret name.

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Dear Readers,
Book signings are always fun for me because I get to meet you! Sometimes I meet parents, aunts and grandparents buying SURPRISES, too, and they ask, "Will she like your books?" That question is always a little awkward for me to answer, because I don't want to sound show-offy or something... you know?
So, can you help? I'd like to say something like, "If she likes _______, she'll love the Phantom Stallion!" or "Readers who like _______, had fun reading SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA. "
You can put anything in that blank, whatever is true for you (and maybe your friends) !
It could be the name of another book, or the word horses :) or adventure or you tell me!
If you can help me out, please email [email protected] and put IF YOU LIKE in the subject line!
Thanks so much! MY READERS ARE THE BEST!!!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Texas + Horses + Books

HI --
I'll give more details soon...tomorrow, I hope, but fyi those of you who come to one of my booksigning next week can count on me bringing along my personal copies of the first three covers of WILD HORSE ISLAND : The Horse Charmer, Shining Stallion and Rain Forest Rose.
More later,

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Follow the Foals

Dear Readers,
Since I posted news on the Phantom's foal contest, I've heard from lots of you wanting to know where I got the photo of frisky Phantom's Pride. Here's the place:
The photographer lives just a few miles from the sanctuary and visits all the time! That not only makes him lucky, but us, too. His site has a big collection of Phantom photos. If you go to the site, check out the navigation bar on the left side of the page for FOLLOWING THE FOALS . Then, look around for the site's new feature THE STALLIONS! You'll see photos of the Phantom (of course), and other stallions whose bands will be sharing the sanctuary. With names like Rooster, Montezuma, and Scar, I know you won't want to miss them!
Happy horse watching...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Dear Readers,
Willa-the-Wonderful (my website desiger) has posted a sweet and sassy photo of the Phantom's son along with the announcement of his new name!
Thanks to everyone who entered! The panel had a very hard time picking a winner. Finally, though, PHANTOM'S PRIDE just seemed to fit the colt best.
If you haven't heard an answer from me to your latest email, I hope you'll be glad to know I've been concentrating on finishing the latest WILD HORSE ISLAND book before I leave for Texas!
Happy springtime,

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