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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Dear Readers,
If you've ever wanted to see the real Phantom in action, now you can! kolotv.com and click on PHANTOM LIVES! Make sure you turn up the sound!
Hugs to you and the horses,

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paranoid for Horses

Dear Readers,
I admit to being overly-protective of horses, but the news below really gives me chills -- the bad kind.

1. Senator Bill First (who says he'll leave government & return to his medical practice -- meaning he doesn't need horse advocates' votes) must introduce the anti-slaughter bill which already passed the House of Representatives and get a Senate vote on it before the holiday recess or the entire process starts all over again in January. If we're lucky.
Guess what? So far, he's shown no sign of introducing it.

2. Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meet on December 11, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss issues relating to the management of wild horses and burros for 2007.
BLM is a government agency. By law, it takes much of its direction from Congress, so if there's no change in horse slaughter policy right away, BLM has no choice but to go by the existing laws.

If you'd like to urge Senator Bill First to get the Anti-Slaughter Bill on the agenda soon, you can call his office at:

What will I say?

S.1915 must pass in 2006 for the American horse slaughter ban to take effect in 2007.

A failure to pass this bill will result in the continuing escalation of horse slaughter with no end in sight.

Please, Senator Frist, give the Senate a chance to vote as soon as possible.

Feel free to write your own plea or use mine.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Postcard for you

Dear Readers,
I will be back at my home computer answering your emails soon. Until then, here are two interesting websites to explore :




p.s. The real Phantom is not yet in his new home, so please don't try to visit him there, yet!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's him

Dear Readers,
Starting Wednesday, I'll be working in the field, with little time for email and rare Internet reception. I'll be getting my hands dirty, giving my hiking boots a real workout, and learning about 2 animal species I've never "met" up close. All of this will be a second round of research for the new series. Yes, I can take notes on horseback...most of the time.

As promised, you can see our beloved Phantom on my PhantomStallion.com NEWS page, right now! This wild horse was not the least bit nervous about meeting my eyes (as you can see in the photo) and if I were a little more eccentric, I'd think he was a gift that galloped into my life when I was melancholy about ending the original series.

Two more things:
1) If you see something you'd like to borrow from one of my websites, please write for permission, k? Some of it is copyrighted and I can let you know.

2) I've had an avalanche of emails about the age slant of my books. Can I tell you a secret? I just write the books as they come to me -- making sure there's sort of an explanation within the text if I use a weird word or phrase -- and my publisher decides which age group they're aimed at! Still, I hear from readers from 8 - 80,so I believe people have figured it out.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Dear DEAR Readers

I have over 300 unanswered emails, but I just couldn't help peeking at a few whose subject lines mentioned the newest PHANTOM book. I'm glad I did.

I've always believed I have the best readers in the world, but you have me sitting here teary eyed because of the glorious things you're saying. Thank you so much.

I hope you took RUN AWAY HOME's dedication to heart.

Important: I'm going to be travelling a lot over the next two weeks, so if you don't hear from me, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you. I DO!
Also, I have a book to finish before I leave, and I'm pretty sure most of you would rather I wrote the book that answered emails.
I'll take my laptop along, but much of the time I'll be without Internet. Yes, I love to be beyond the reach of civilization!
Before I leave, I promise to postt a photo of the real Phantom here, if I don't have time to put together a web page of his own.
Hugs to you all,

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last minute celebration

If you happen to live near Bishop, California, I'll be helping to kick off Children's Book Week at Spellbinder books!


Terri Farley will be signing Phantom Stallion #24: Run Away Home
SPELLBINDER BOOKS/Talk/Signing/movie
Arts Council Theater Room 137 S Main St Bishop, CA 93514
call 760-873-4511 for more info!

I did a nationwide radio interview which will run Monday for Children's Book Week, too. I have no idea where it will be broadcast since the reporter called from NY and I'm in Nevada...just keep your ears open and let me know if I sounded okay! Be honest; I've been told I sound like Minny Mouse when I'm on the radio :)
Happy trails,

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wear a ponytail in celebration

Dear Readers,
Kick up your wild filly heels and toss your ponytails like glorious manes!
Conrad Burns,creator of the amendment to kill wild horses,has lost his senate seat.
Senator Burns? We told you we were paying attention!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adventure, Romance & Elections

Dear Readers,
PHANTOM fansites are working over time putting up forums for those who want to talk about books and horses and there's something for everyone.
Those who've been asking for more flirty stuff among the characters might want to check out WILD HORSE VALLEY a fansite: Phantomstallion.org.. It's a fun place to visit for other reasons too: a great collection of foreign language PHANTOM covers, fan fiction, contests, petitions to save horses & to get the PHANTOM horses made into Breyer models, etc.
Want to explore more PHANTOM fansites?
Try http://www.geocities.com/phantomstallionfansite/home.html

http://www.freewebs.com/aceloveralways/ and most of these sites have LINKS pages to other fansites. Have fun!

ELECTION DAY: Most of you know Conrad Burns introduced legislation to slaughter wild horses. Today he is running for re-election. I have been doing what I can for his opponent. If youlive in Montana, please remind your parents their vote counts for more than saving horses. Burns is listed as one of the most corrupt officials in the country and supports selling public lands to private developers.
Guess that's why he wanted horses and wildlife outta there!
Hugs to you all,

p.s. Photos of the real life PHANTOM soon!
p.p.s. Send me more favorite fansite addresses!

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Reader Request

Dear Terri,
I need to do a most favorite author favorites list. You don't have to answer all of these, but it wld be cool if you can. And you can give more than one repose to each.If you post it onthe Internet I get extra points. :) Jessica L.

Favorite Food : Mexican especially cheese enchiladas and chicke mole`
Favorite dessert: chocolate CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE
Favorite color: red
Favorite music: Too hard to decide! I love the Dixie Chicks, late 60's & early 70's rock, reggae, lots of country, the lyrics of James McMurtry, guitar & lyrics of Richard Thompson and Mark Knopfler (when I imagine a PHANTOM movie, I think of his music for a sound track) and I adore harp music...especially if it's Celtic! Then I imagine SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA as a movie!
Favorite drink: coffee or lemonade
Favorite dog breed: collie, German Shepherd, mutts of all sorts
Favorite cat breed: pound kitties & Siamese
Favorite daydream setting: the beach or desert hot springs
Favorite car: British racing green Austin Healy convertible
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite hobbies: reading and riding -- horses & bikes
Favorite outfits: jeans & t-shirts, jeans & Western themed sweatshirts, denim skirt and cowgirl boots and one special red silk dress
Favorite horse breed: mustangs, Arabs, Quarter Horses and let's be honest -- ALL horses!
Favorite jobs: writing, teaching, waitressing
Favorite weather: for writing -- rainy or snowy (but NO power failures), for riding -- crisp autumn weather -- other than that -- summer all the way!
Favorite ranch: Dahana Ranch
Favorite accomplishment: raising two smart, loving kids, having a pretty happy husband and luring some people into reading even when they thought they didn't like books!
Favorite wild animals: wolves, coyotes, deer, sea lions and racoons
Favorite flower:yellow daffodils or daisies & deep red roses

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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Phantom Stallion

Dear Readers,
For five years I've told you that the Phantom is a creation of my imagination.
Can you guess how it feels to discover I'm wrong?
Today I met him. It was love at first sight -- for me. He was pretty suspicious of a dreamy-eyed human acting like we'd known each other forever.
I should be thinking about publicity and stuff like that. I should have waited until I had photos and stories and a web page put together for him. But I had to tell you now.
He's real. As I learn more about this stallion's past and more importantly, his future, I'll share that, too. And of course I'll get photographs posted as soon as I can.
Amazed and smiling, with a hard-thumping heart,

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Return of FAQs

Q: Why doesn't the link to your husband's story about the wild horse sanctuary work?
A: Popularity can really mess things up! Too many people were trying to log on, but here's a back door code that should get you to the story! http://tinyurl.com/yah9oj

Q: What reading level are your books, really?
A: I try to write my books so that they appeal to all age levels and I've learned that readers who are interested in horses and ranch life will read them, no matter what. I read lots of YA and middle grade books because I love them, but I also read scientific reports on wild horses which are hard to understand. Still, I can do it, because I'm motivated to KNOW that information! Guess that's why I hear from readers 8 - 80!

Q: Are you related to Walter Farley?
A. Nope, but I'm sure when he was alive he loved horses, too. As you've probably noticed, my stories take place far from the world of Thoroughbred racing (Ace would totally freak out there, and I don't want to imagine what Witch would do!).
One of the reasons Samantha is my heroine is that most adventurous horse stories I read while growing up had boys as the main characters. I wanted to change that!!!!!!!!!!

Q: The last PHANTOM book isn't even out yet, but I'm worried about what to read until your new series is out. I've read every horse book there is, almost, but do you know any new ones?
A: You might check out Chris Platt's MOON SHADOW. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I know it's a wild horse story that takes place in Nevada.

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