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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Dear Readers,
Humane observer Elyse Gardner's most recent blog has many excellent photos and good commentary on what it means to be PROCESSED by BLM when you're a wild horse.

Watching over the Wild Ones


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:11 PM

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Comments: Thanks for the update; I am pretty sure some of the Officials @ BLM will be under investigation soon;

for endangering the safety and welfare of USA Mustangs...

there are laws against this...

Anyway I named four of the Mustangs @ Fallon who are Fallen Soldiers; 2 Foals and 2 Mares;

I named them "Hope; Faith; Love and Charity...

I named Lil Oneday; the pure white baby Foal Lil One day "Love...

you know how Jesus said: Hope Faith and Love;and Love is greatest

I named the Foal Love because she is the littlest...little greatest!
when i think of John N. i go grrr !
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