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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dear Readers,
It's a big weekend for me and I hope you'll be celebrating the last days of summer, too!
WATER LILY is out! In fact, some readers have already sent me wonderful notes as they're reading it! Yippee!
WILD HORSE VACATION update -- the survey is now point-and-click easy!
Even if coming to Nevada is only a dream, please go to the NEWS page of PhantomStallion.com and take the survey about seeing wild mustangs roaming free. We're trying to convince Nevada's government that wild horses are important to the WORLD! You never know what twists and turns your lives may take. If you ever get to Nevada -- ten or twenty years from now, I want the horses to be here for you.
While you're on the NEWS page at PhantomStallion.com, take a look at the photo announcement about my trip to the LOS ANGELES EQUESTRIAN CENTER on Monday. Featured in the phots -- my daughter and a pretty paint named Darlin'!
One more thing: on my photo page, you'll see a great shot of the kids who came to my booksigning event in Loveland, Colorado.
Happy trails,

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

RE: SEVEN TEARS! How cool is this?

Morning all!

It's available in lots of different formats here. Even if you prefer taking a REAL book to bed with you, this is fun -- http://simonsays.com/content/book.cfm?tab=4&pid=636992&er=9781439120750


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Friday, August 22, 2008

Visit THE HORSE exhibit

Want to see an incredible museum exhibit without leaving home? Go to NYC

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


HI Guys,
CREATIVITY ROCKS -- as you all know :)
So, wild horse advocates are trying to save mustangs for YOU TO SEE.
In meetings with the Nevada Commission on Tourism, we're talking about ways to allow visitors to see WILD HORSES in their natural surroundings!

Can you help? This isn't a point-and-click poll yet, but feel free to send your answers to [email protected] with POLL in the subject line and I'll pass on your ideas!!!

1. I'd like to see wild horses in Nevada. (pick one)

a) If it fit with my (or my family's) plans
b) If it didn't fit with my plans, I'd try to change them
c) No matter what, I'd find a way to see them if I knew where to look

On all questions below, PICK AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!

2. I'd like to see wild horses in Nevada (pick as many as you like!)
a) from an air-conditioned van
b) from horseback
c) on a walking tour
d) from an overnight camp
e) in a sanctuary
f) from a museum viewing deck, at dawn or dusk
g) on a photo safari
h) during Reading the West workshop
I) during a Writing the West workshop
J) during a Western Art workshop

3. If I were on vacation and was given a choice of these, I'd want... (pick as many as you'd like)
a) printed guide to wild horse ranges and nearby motels, restaurants, entertainment
b) description of how to reach wild horse ranges for car cd player
c) wild horse stories, legends, music for car cd player
d) booklet including wild horse facts, fiction and maps

4. In Nevada museum, I'd stop to look at these exhibits...

a) wild horse round-ups
b) wild horse training
c) wild horse biology and ecology
d) Prehistoric - Present horses
e) Cultural value of wild horses (in Hollywood, literature, art, etc.)
f) Wild horses in Native American heritage
g) Wild horses in Hispanic history
h) Wild Horse heroes
i) Sense exhibit about wild horses (ex: films, photos, recordings, horse hair or real mustang, plants edible for horses 7 humans)

5. Time spent on wild horses
a) I'd spend the night to enjoy the Wild Horse experience
b) I'd spend two nights to enjoy the wild horse experience
c) I'd spend half of a day to enjoy the wild horse experience
d) I'd spend an hour or so in a museum to enjoy the wild horse experience
e) Cost would be a major factor in enjoying the wild horse experience

6. What ELSE would you like the State of Nevada to know about wild horses?

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Kaitlin & Darlin'

If you'll be in Southern California on Sept. 1, please come visit me at the Riding for Reading horse show! I'll be chatting with readers & riders and signing books for a really good cause!
If you want to see a publicity photo of it featuring my daughter & a sweet paint horse named Darlin', please take a look at the AUTHORING CHANGE page of this website TerriFarley.com or at the NEWS page on Phantomstallion.com!
They're pretty cute!!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crimson Vale

Dear Readers,
Waipi'o Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii inspired the wild horse paradise ruled by the stallion Black Lava and his lead mare Medusa. Since visiting there in person isn't an everyday adventure for most of us, I thought I'd share this: http://zenimages.blogspot.com/2008/08/waipio-valley-old-mamalahoa-hwy.html
Not only are the photos exquisite, but I think you'll enjoy the writer's text, too. It creates one atmosphere of the many in what's one of my favorite wild places.

p.s. Waipi'o Valley is often called the Valley of the Kings. Learn why, here: http://gohawaii.about.com/cs/bigislandland/a/waipio_valley.htm

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Bubba the Buckskin Stallion - more majestic than his name :)

My heart is still pounding from seeing a huge band of 24 wild horses today! Running free as they should be... if you'd like to catch a glimpse of them, too, check this out -- http://www.kbrhorse.net/wclo/whsilversprings04.html

The herd I saw belonged to Bubba the Buckskin.

Happy trails,

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Dear Readers,
After a long winter, a longer spring and a forest fire which blazed through fences at the Wild Horse Sanctuary, the real Phantom has finally been sighted. All the people at the sanctuary, including Palomino, the volunteer whose great note I've posted below, assured me that the big boy was just living up to his name, but I couldn't help worrying about him.
I'm so excited he's been spotted and my fingers are crossed that I'll get a glimpse of him myself when I got to the Sanctuary on Aug. 16 for Open House.
For your reading please:

Hi all,

Just thought you'd like to know that my new hubby spotted the Phantom on the far side of the sanctuary. As previously figured, he is staying away from the masses.

Thought it might make ya'll feel good that he is doing fine. I personally am glad that he is not stressing out in the middle of all the other horses. He seems to be much more comfy a little bit away from the main group,

The girls have seen him on the feed grounds also. So apparently he is coming in to munch and then taking his girls out away from the competition.

So all is well in Shingletown and at the WHS and our beloved man is doing well.



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Sunday, August 03, 2008


I LOVE the fact that lots of you enjoyed SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA so much that you've read it over and over again since it came out three years ago. The book still haunts me, too.
Lately I've heard from readers wanting to talk (at least online) about and trade predictions about what MIGHT happen after the story ends, with others who've read the book.
I haven't done much research yet, but I did run across this http://www.simonsays.com/content/book.cfm?tab=1&pid=505320&er=9780689864421
If you run across any other places online where people are talking about SEVEN TEARS, I hope you'll let me know at [email protected]
Have a lovely summer Sunday,

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Horse Guy

Happy Friday,
When I'm interviewed, I'm often asked if all my readers are girls. Nope, they're not. Although girls and women make up about 90% of my readers, I hear from men and guys, too.
And one of them just updated his website, so I thought I'd let you take a peek into the world of a PHANTOM STALLION guy.
Meet Joel --


And don't miss his artwork! I wish I could get him to paint a mural for ME!


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