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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phantom Stallion/Wild Horse Island Trivia quiz

Dear Readers,
I know I was supposed to post the answers to these questions on Jan. 5, but since I'm already later, I thought I'd give you a chance to post your answers before I do mine!

1. Which River Bend cowboy writes poetry?
2. Which Hawaiian treasure must be returned to a royal burial cave?
3. The Phantom's full sister is Hoku. Was she born in Nevada or Hawaii?
4. What is the name of the Phantom's mother?
5. Is Black Lava a stallion or mare?
6. Does Darby see her first wild horse in Nevada or Hawaii?
7. Which River Bend cowboy carved a wooden mustang for Sam?
8. The foal of Dark Sunshine and the Phantom is _____________________.
9. Blue Wings was a gift to Wyatt Forster from ______________________.
10. In the Wild Horse Island series, which comes first, the tsunami or the volcanic erruption?
11. The Phantom has had several lead mares. Name two.
12. Sam's baby brother is named _____________________.
13. This draft horse predicted an earthquake and has a talent for jumping.
14.Name one palomino that is part of the Kenworthy's Fire and Ice breeding program
15. Who is Jen's sort-of boyfriend?
16. Who is the first one of Sams friends to see Tempest?

Extra credit: Guess which of my characters this girl inspired?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:28 PM

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Comments: 1. Ross
2. the bracelet, I think
3. Nevada
4. Princess Kitty
5. a stallion
6. in Nevada
7. Dallas.:)
8. Tempest
9. Brynna
10. the volcanic eruption
11. Honey and Queenie
12. Cody.:)
13. Tinkerbell
14. Silk Stockings
15. Ryan
16. Jake, I'd guess.

Extra Credit: Darby?

  (I've read all except 4 of the Phantom books and I just bought those but havent read them yet so there are a few I'm not gonna get)But here it goes..............
1. umm...Pepper or Dallas?
2. a bracelet (or neckles?) made of hair
3. Hoku was born in Nevada
4. Princess Kitty!
5. Black Lava is most definetly a stallion
6. Darby sees her first wild horse in Nevada, on the bus with Sam.
7. I'm guessing Dallas carved her a wooden mustang.
8. Dark Sunshine and the Phantom's foal is TEMPEST!!!
9. Blue Wings was for Wyatt from Brynna I'm pretty sure, though I haven't read "blue wings" yet.
10. the volcanic erruption comes first...in book 5 fire maiden (one of my favorite whi books!)
11. Queen the red dun was first, then the big pinto that died from the poisoned water in nugget and then there was Cha Cha Morengo/Honey Preston's palomino quarter horse but i cant remember if theres another.....
12. Sam's baby brother is Cody.
14. Golden Rose and Sonora Sundance
15. Ryan Slocum
16. Haven't read Rain Dance yet buuuut.....I'll just guess maybes it's jake? no idea.hahah =P
I'm guessing the girl in the picture inspired Darby. By the way thats a really great picture. so sweet.

Thanks so much for creating this! It was so much fun. You should do another sometime =)
  1. Ross

2. a bracelet

3. Nevada

4. Princess Kitty

5. stallion

6. Nevada

7. Dallas

8. Tempest

9. Brynna

10. Volcanic eruption

11. Queen and Honey

12. Cody

13. Tinkerbell

14. Golden Rose

15. Ryan Slocum

16. Jake

Extra Credit: Darby
  Well, since I saw the other girls answers I know the answers to the Island Stallion series. (I never read them.) However, I know the other one's. Thank you for posting this.

I really injoyed reading "Run Away Home". That was a wonderful ending! Being the oldest of seven I can easily place myself in Kit's shoes around Jake. It did confuse me sometimes to understand how Jake felt but I'm sure that's what my siblings would feel like.

P.S. Terri, Seth was really only mentioned once in "Dark Sunshine". Did you decide what happened to him or are you leaving him to be wondered about?
1. Kit
Nate (I forgt the other one's at the moment.)
Anyway it would be nice if you could list them in order, maybe. Just a thought.☺ I ♥ your books. ~SweetPea
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