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Sunday, August 17, 2008


HI Guys,
CREATIVITY ROCKS -- as you all know :)
So, wild horse advocates are trying to save mustangs for YOU TO SEE.
In meetings with the Nevada Commission on Tourism, we're talking about ways to allow visitors to see WILD HORSES in their natural surroundings!

Can you help? This isn't a point-and-click poll yet, but feel free to send your answers to [email protected] with POLL in the subject line and I'll pass on your ideas!!!

1. I'd like to see wild horses in Nevada. (pick one)

a) If it fit with my (or my family's) plans
b) If it didn't fit with my plans, I'd try to change them
c) No matter what, I'd find a way to see them if I knew where to look

On all questions below, PICK AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!

2. I'd like to see wild horses in Nevada (pick as many as you like!)
a) from an air-conditioned van
b) from horseback
c) on a walking tour
d) from an overnight camp
e) in a sanctuary
f) from a museum viewing deck, at dawn or dusk
g) on a photo safari
h) during Reading the West workshop
I) during a Writing the West workshop
J) during a Western Art workshop

3. If I were on vacation and was given a choice of these, I'd want... (pick as many as you'd like)
a) printed guide to wild horse ranges and nearby motels, restaurants, entertainment
b) description of how to reach wild horse ranges for car cd player
c) wild horse stories, legends, music for car cd player
d) booklet including wild horse facts, fiction and maps

4. In Nevada museum, I'd stop to look at these exhibits...

a) wild horse round-ups
b) wild horse training
c) wild horse biology and ecology
d) Prehistoric - Present horses
e) Cultural value of wild horses (in Hollywood, literature, art, etc.)
f) Wild horses in Native American heritage
g) Wild horses in Hispanic history
h) Wild Horse heroes
i) Sense exhibit about wild horses (ex: films, photos, recordings, horse hair or real mustang, plants edible for horses 7 humans)

5. Time spent on wild horses
a) I'd spend the night to enjoy the Wild Horse experience
b) I'd spend two nights to enjoy the wild horse experience
c) I'd spend half of a day to enjoy the wild horse experience
d) I'd spend an hour or so in a museum to enjoy the wild horse experience
e) Cost would be a major factor in enjoying the wild horse experience

6. What ELSE would you like the State of Nevada to know about wild horses?

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