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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dear Readers,
It's a big weekend for me and I hope you'll be celebrating the last days of summer, too!
WATER LILY is out! In fact, some readers have already sent me wonderful notes as they're reading it! Yippee!
WILD HORSE VACATION update -- the survey is now point-and-click easy!
Even if coming to Nevada is only a dream, please go to the NEWS page of PhantomStallion.com and take the survey about seeing wild mustangs roaming free. We're trying to convince Nevada's government that wild horses are important to the WORLD! You never know what twists and turns your lives may take. If you ever get to Nevada -- ten or twenty years from now, I want the horses to be here for you.
While you're on the NEWS page at PhantomStallion.com, take a look at the photo announcement about my trip to the LOS ANGELES EQUESTRIAN CENTER on Monday. Featured in the phots -- my daughter and a pretty paint named Darlin'!
One more thing: on my photo page, you'll see a great shot of the kids who came to my booksigning event in Loveland, Colorado.
Happy trails,

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