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Monday, March 16, 2009

Disgrace in Arizona

Dear Readers,
I love teenagers, at least most of them, but the actions this girl is accused of sickened me. Of course I blame her father for a twisted upbringing, but my observations say that by the time most of us are 13 years old, we can think straight about moral decisions.

Horse Dragged,Beaten

This happened last summer, but the trial is TOMORROW and I'll be paying attention to the evidence presented. If you have any opinions on whether these two should be held accountable for their actions, politely email the Pinal County attorney, here:

[email protected]

I hope this girl can be helped.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:16 PM

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Comments: awww that is soooo sad I feel bad for that poor horse I wish I could just pick it up and take it home with me.
  Oh, that's so sad! =( I agree, I hope the girl can be helped...
  I hope the girl can be helped, but seriously. I'm 13 and even if my Dad was a jerk like that I wouldnt go along with him. That poor horse. He really isnt a bad looking thing and I really hope some one with a brain can take him in. That is disgusting. I mean I can see maybe a little girl going along with her daddy but a teenager? grow up. she needs some serious help.
  On the page the link opens to it says "The trial of the Florence, Arizona MAN" What girl is accused of beating a horse?
  HI Mia,
The horse was tied to the truck. The father stopped the truck to beat the horse with PVC pipe while the daughter kicked the horse in the head. So, the horse couldn't get away and had apparently collapsed. Probably I would too if I were trying to keep pace with a truck.
I haven't been able to get a trial update yet, but I'll keep after it.
  Oh, I wonder why the heading only says something about the man being charged. I wouldn't be surprised if the father forced the girl to do it. If he'd beat a horse...Well. You get my drift. :-(
I'm 14 years old and I have more sense than that. In fact I was walking my dog when I heard terrible horse screams down my road and I got on my horse,HasLem,(yes,the L is supposed to be capitilized) and rode down the road to see a man beating his horse,and whipping him in the face.Of course I couldn't get off HasLem because my knees were shaking so hard and he's about 17hh. But I got out my phone and dialed the ASPCA's number,and they got there in about 15 minutes.The horse is now blind in both eyes (from the man's whip),and his hind hoof got caught in a fence and got cut really badly.I've adopted this horse now and he's in rehab (hosted by me :D ) and re-training. He rides great even though he's blind.I can't see why ANYONE would hurt a horse.But when I got home after seeing that horse being whipped,I just went into each and everyone of my horses' stalls ans made so many promises I would love them every day and never hurt them,then I cried into every one of their manes! I can't help if I'm so sensitive towards horses . ;) I've renamed the beaten horse from Toby to WarHeart
I think he deserves the name.
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