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Friday, March 20, 2009


I like cows. Anyone who's brushed a 4-H heifer or bottle fed a calf as it looked up with "adoring" eyes and corkscrewing tail likes them.
Cows are good mothers and smarter than most people give them credit for-- despite genetic meddling to make them hamburgers on hooves.
If you've read my books, you know I respect family ranchers.
Today, it's BLM, not the ranchers, who are creating a problem out of a solution.
If what I hear is true, BLM won't accept Madeleine Pickens' sanctuary plan because federal land being considered for part of the sanctuary puts wild horses in places where they didn't live when the Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was enacted.
Got that, but then why was it okay for BLM to "zero out" areas where the horses DID roam in those days?
BLM brings up range damage, again, still without accurate wild horse/cattle counts. A common number is 200 cattle for each horse, but horses are blamed for most range damage.
Don't get me started on whose feet and habits inflict the most ecological damage; let's just see how that range situation would look in your life, and, to be SUPER careful horse bias doesn't take charge,let's make it 100 - 1.

Think of your house.
Picture sharing it with 100 clones of your own good mother.
Who's going to eat the most food? The nice moms. And if the kitchen faucet gets broken from too many moms trying to get a drink of water at the same time, can you blame them for being thirsty? And then there's all that toilet flushing.

Shake off that image and return to the fact that Pickens' business plan estimates a BILLION taxpayer dollars saved over 10 years.
Don't you think Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar should ask BLM to take another look?

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Comments: YES YES YES he should tell them to take another look! These people are so wacky.
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