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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brain Fake-Outs & Temporary Talismans (WB3)

1. Turn off your computer screen and "write blind". You won't be tempted to revise as you go. Hint: check your finger position on the keys
2) Turn off the computer, storm out of the room and head for the shower, threatening to quit for the day; an idea almost always pops up.
3)Put your character JILL in an impossible situation. It may have nothing to do with your plot. Get in Jill's head & force her to figure out what to do. Try this example from author Robin Lee Hatcher: Jill MUST make a life or death phone call! But she's lost her cell phone and nothing's open. Then she spots a phone booth! Yay, the love of her life won't have to die. Except there's a huge, unfriendly gorilla inside the booth. What does she do? Write it.

TALISMANS are objects to protect you against evil spirits. WB qualifies as evil, right? And you probably already have talismans or habits that help you maintain a writing mood. To keep you from feeling sheepish about yours, here are some of mine.

1. Mystical mugs -- the goddess-emblazoned one from my friend Jo can only be gulped from when I'm CREATING. For rewriting & polishing stories, I drink from one of my horse mugs.
2. I can't write right without something alive in my office--my lucky bamboo plant or goldfish named Fluffy,for instance.
3. While working on Hawaiian stories, I keep my wooden pue'o (owl) and picture of Pele close at hand
4. If I feel unsure about my work, I turn to the tiny painting my mother did for me. Wreathed with tiny flowers are the words: Commit thy words unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established.

Combating WB isn't hard. You just have to find your own secret technique. From there, it's like being on a swing. With a good strong push, and power of your own, there's no tell how high you can soar.

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Comments: Wow Mrs. Farley.. Wow... I love the phrase your mother had about the Lord. I would say that my muse would probably have to be Solomon.. and his words of wisdom.
  It's from Proverbs 16:3 I think!
  Yes I believe it is! Champion! =0)
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