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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Curly & Cowy!

Dear Readers,
I've never touched a curly mustang, but I once saw three of them in a single wild herd (if you happen to remember a PHANTOM STALLION scene in which I described a small stallion the color of orange sherbet, he was in the same herd).
Now,BLM is offering some for adoption!

Click here Curly Mustangs! to read more about the adoption day.
And if you're eager for more curls, check out the Living High Curls Ranch where you can see more of the horses pictured here.
Have fun,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:47 PM

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Comments: Hey that's that's champion news! Did you know know that people who are alergic to horses are less likely to be alergic to those with curly hair? its true i don't know why but it is. =0)
  oh my gosh! I love them, their so cute! Wish I could get one!(or a dozen)lol
  I love curly horses :0
They're awesome. And even though he's only mentioned that once I always loved the orange sherbert stallion. I wish I had a horse I could describe to people by saying he looks like orange sherbert!
  My uncle has a Curly and we call him Buffalo Jack. Maybe these Mustangs have some Curly breeding in them? They look ALOT like Buffalo Jack.
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