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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death in the Desert

Photo by Craig Downer

" What you are seeing are the remains of a wild horse, discovered by Craig Downer, Terri Farley, and Don Molde on a recent excursion into the Calico Mountains looking for the living remnants of the herds
To read a report by biologist Craig Downer and human observer Elyse Garder, click here:
Humane Observer Blog

This wide-ranging blog includes feelings and facts, comparing the past and present plight of the Calico Range horses, their capture, captivity and Craig's coverage of our first trip back to the Calico range following BLM's disastrous round-up.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Visiting Day at the Feedlot

Dear Readers,
Two hours each week, the public is allowed to see their captive wild horses at the feedlot style corrals in Fallon, Nevada. So I went today.
What I hated most was a group of young ones trying to do the truly joyous "let's run!" thing and have four of them end in a pileup because there were so many in such a confined area. Lots of fresh freeze brands on the mares. Even the ones in hospital pens.
I will transcribe my notes soon, but I have to say the most surprising thing I heard
was that the gather/facility death toll was LOWER than than it usually is because the Calico horses are less "crashy" (further defined as prone to spooking) than horses from other herd areas.
The official death toll posted by BLM was up to 57 on Friday and one member of our group was told four more died Saturday.
Oh, and the word "processing" (for vaccinations, freeze branding, age determination, etc) has been struck from BLM vocabulary and the official word is "preparing."
I'm sure that makes it feel better.

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