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Monday, January 04, 2010

A STALLION NAMED FREEDOM loses everything else

Pursued by a helicopter, Freedom's herd heads toward a trap

Update From The Field
By Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist
and Elyse Gardner, Public Observer
January 2, 2009

Below are the photos of the roundup that took place today (Saturday, January 2, 2009) showing how the captured band stallion, "Freedom," valiantly fought for and regained his liberty although he had to leave his family of 8 adult mares and 2 colts. Jumping a 6-foot fence and immediately thereafter breaking through a barbed wire fence and injuring himself, this was an awe-inspiring, do-or-die effort demonstrating the loathing of captivity to a wild horse and his need for freedom. We can only pray for his recovery from the injuries the sustained from the barbed wire.

FOR THE COMPLETE STORY, VISIT: http://humanitythrougheducation.com/
Additional Note: On New Year's Day, the BLM rounded up 10 wild horses but only captured 9 because a 6-month old foal died en route. APHIS vet at the scene, Dr. Al Kane, reported that after being chased by the helicopter for "1/4 mile" the little foal was behaving strangely, lying down periodically. It is reported that the pilot radioed Dr. Kane that this foal was having problems and Dr. Kane went out to see the foal who was found dead. Dr. Kane said that he did a necropsy in the field and discovered congenital heart defect and said that foal couldn't have handled any exercise and probably wouldn't have lived to adulthood. They left the body in the field and refused to allow the public observers to witness the body.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:02 AM

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Comments: Wow how awe-inspiring is that? A stallion fighting for actual namesake. And those people up close didn't try to stop him? Very awesome.. hope the stalli survives.

These roundups have only begun to deminish the younger lives.

  THat's crazy. Really, some horses just shouldn't be captured. Poor boy, hope he recovers from the barbed wire injuries.
  And this is why these 'gathers' are dangerous to the horses. But why doesn't somebody take this into account? They're wild ones, and are best left be.

The stallion in the pictures reminds me of a tiger, I don't know why. Mustangs are like an endangered species now, and though the tigers have numerous organizations made to protect the species, and people take them seriously about the conservation of these important creatures, nobody seems to realize that the mustangs are every bit as wild as the tigers now, and deserve protection as well.

  Ugh! How can people be willing to do that?! Don't they see the grief and pain and fright the horses are going through? Obvsiouly not, because, after all, they're still doing it! It's so terrible! And that poor little foal! Ugh, this makes me so mad. I promise, to you, Terri, and the wild horses, that when I am older than 15, which I am now, and have a say in what goes on in the US, I will fight for these beautiful creatures. I will help you, Terri, because this is just so terrbile, and I can't stand it anymore. It makes me so mad! If I am ever famous, or even if I'm not, I will help these horses, and horses everywhere, not just in the Calico range.
  Wow.. it is stories and photos like this that really tell us what is going on at the BLM to the wild mustangs...

.. makes me sick..
  This is unbelievable...oh wait, actually, it's not. Anyone could have guessed this would happen. And it's all the BLM's fault...That story about Freedom made me smile though. He was really living up to his namesake. and a beautiful and true name at that! I'm so thankful he managed to escape back to his home. I really hope he's not too hurt. It makes me happy to hear he's back where he belongs nevertheless.

-Nevada Sunshine
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