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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Secret Round-up Halted

Wild Horse round-up in Confusion, Utah, halted. It WAS schedule to proceed without environmental impact statement or public comment!
Isn't it wonderful that BRILLIANT wild horse supporters uncovered conversations about this, spread the word and STOPPED it?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:31 PM

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Comments: That is so so awesome, Mrs. Farley!!!! I really wish i could of been there!! Now lets hope that some day the round up are STOPPED completely!!!!
Save the Mustangs!
  YE-HAW!!! ... thank God... there isn't much else to say, Ye-haw!

  This did make me feel better after reading the heartbreaking story of that fragile foal who was born in a matter of hours, and killed in a matter of minutes.

-Nevada Sunshine
  Even though this is really good news, you can tell how much this whole mess has been bothering me because I dreamed about it last night.o.0 I dreamed that they caught the real Phantom again but then released him since it was illegal to capture him or something...then I dreamed that I had a wild horse that I'd adopted and tamed and saved from the dangers of being 'gathered,' but then I realized I had to set him free because he was happier in the wild...yeah, emotional dream...

The horse in my dream looked like Hidalgo, by the way.:)

  Yah, me too, Nevada Sunshine. It was sooo sad!! Anyway, Thank God is right Horsefeathers!
I was praying that at least one of the roundups would stop!
Save the Mustangs!
  Wonderfull !!!!!!!!!! All horses are horses. If my horses knew what was going on I'm sure they'd be celebrating. However, this doesn't help the ones already captured.

Have you heard what happened to Freedom?

P.S. My siblings and I can't believe what happened to Freedom, the mare, and the foal.
  My siblings to not care about mustangs. They think BLM can just round them up for all they care. They just do not understand hoe the mustangs' freedom is important!
But don't all you girls wonder why it was secret? That was what was biting at me for some time......
Save the Mustangs!
P.S. No it did not, SweetPea.
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