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Friday, January 01, 2010

Ripped from the Range

Frozen sweat, confused eyes, shattered families, suffering in secret
BLM's 2010 Gifts to the Wild Horses of the Calico range

NYTimes photo

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:57 PM

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Comments: I like how you put "shattered famlies", Ms. Farley. A person for these roundups or someone might say horses don't really have famlies or recognize them, they might consider the thought "sappy". These horses do have famlies and friends its called a herd. They live, eat, run, and protect their famlies to the best of their given abilities.

Try as they may, even the greatest stallion cannot defeat a man-pioleted helecopter.

These horses do not look comfortable in any way shape or form. I can see the whites of several eyes as well as pinned back ears.

still praying
  Poor horses. I agree with HorseFeathers-those horses don't look comfortable. What are the BLM thinking?
  That frozen sweat! That cannot be good for their health in any way!My dad does everything he can to keep this from happening to our beef cattle. What does the BLM think they're doing!
  I agree with all of you guys. Those horses look scared and unhealter with those ears pinned back like that. I am no horse expert but even i can tell their misery. Horses do have familes! They have one big family. It is there herd. They depend on one another. How is BlM getting away with this?!?!?!?!
  This is so sad :( I can't even imagine their confusion right now. Not knowing why no matter where they hide, they are found. This is just devastating.
  That's so sad. The BLM should NOT be getting away with this!!! There needs to be more people doing something about it!
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