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Thursday, April 08, 2010

May I borrow your brains and flying fingers?

Dear Readers,
Just like Brenda Starr, the comic book girl reporter first published in the 1940's, I need some newsy tidbits!
Have you ever seen articles -- online, in newspapers, magazines -- about me or the PHANTOM STALLION, WILD HORSE ISLAND, SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA or my horsey activities which you think I should share?
As you might've guessed, I'm putting big dollops of my time into helping the horses, but it's really time for me to update my press kit (which is something journalists and book publishers look at to see who I am and what I'm up to), and many of you have been keeping up better than I have.
I'm especially interested in articles published in other countries.
Any help would be wonderful and you can email me links at [email protected]
Thanks SO much!

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