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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Medicine Hat & Invisible Horses

HI --
The medicine hat stallion is apparently a mare.
When Mark Terrell and I were out at the Fallon corrals last month, our guide pointed out stallions, mares, weanling pens, and we just accepted the designations.
Today, photo in hand, I found the horse that mesmerized me. Though she appears to have lost flesh, she was in a pen with mares and new foals. That's what I'm basing my discovery on, since I didn't have a telephoto lens to check her anatomy.
The tour was unsettling because of the MANY foals in with adult horses. In the wild, that would of course be the case, but only after mother and babe had a few days off alone.
Usually the sight of so many tiny foals would be thrilling, but I kept thinking that, compared to where they should be learning to prance and run, the Fallon facility is like growing up in a closet
Our guide indicated foals being "invisible" to BLM until they are several months old is widespread among the wild horse facilities everywhere, but suggested we double-check the BLM policy manual.
I'll let you know how that goes.

ps photos to come from other horse folk

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