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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


International Day of Rallies
Greetings from iFH,

Thursday, March 25th, the March for Mustangs will take place not only by the White House in Washington DC but also on the Las Vegas Strip, by the Los Angeles Federal Building and in front of the US Embassy in London!

In DC we’re honored to have award-winning actress and advocate, Wendie Malick speak to the crowd at the rally. Wendie will be joined by long time advocate and advisor on the original 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act, Hope Ryden; author RT Fitch, Filmmaker James Kleinert and many, many more! We are especially pleased to announce that country music artist Clay Canfield will be at the rally to sing his incredible song “Wild Horses” and more before we march to the BLM office with signs and banners.


Please spread the word on all the March for Mustang Rallies and support all the protests with calls to your Senators and Congress people on this important issue.

Wild herds, like Cloud’s, are being managed to extinction with our taxpayer dollars by the very agency charged with their protection. Let’s make a big push for the mustangs during these rallies. On Thursday please call your on behalf of Cloud and all the wild horses! President Obama: 202-456-1111 and Congress: 202-224-3121.

When you reach your Representative and Senators, please ask to speak to the aide on the wild horse and burro issue. 1) Wild horses are being mismanaged in cruel waste of taxpayer dollars that is destroying the last of our wild herds in the West. 2) Vote NO on supplying funding for wild horse “preserves” in the East and Midwest– already there are now far more (36,000) wild horses in holding than in the wild where there may only be some 15,000 remaining. 3) Keep up the call for a moratorium on roundups and let everyone know that you love wild horses and burros in the wild and you vote! Or find and email your Senators and Congress person here on votesmart.org.

Source: The Cloud Foundation

Thank you.

Carol Poole
Wild Horse & Burro Advocate

Whoa, look! Tune into CNN's Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on Thursday at 7:30 EST for an in-depth discussion on our wild herds and a recap of the D.C. Rally!

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The world is amazing, how they are coming together to help save these beauty animals.
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