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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wild Horse Facts & Fictions

Dear Readers,

I'm proud to have been interviewed as a voice for our horses.You can read this most recent article at the link below my quotes and I hope you will

"There are millions of cows and thousands of horses," said Terri Farley, a Reno author who joined the lawsuit against the BLM roundup. "So tell me, who is eating the grass?"

Farley, who said she has observed range studies and researched the issue for years, said the BLM "needs to look at its science on this." She said the gathers, coupled with birth-control methods used on horses that remain on the range, will eventually "zero out" the ranges, leaving no wild horses at all.

"(The BLM) says they are doing it for the good of the horses," she said. "I lean towards the conclusion they are doing it for the good of the cattlemen.

"People may remember when they saw their first wild horse, but will they know when they've seen their last? I think the last wild horse may already have been born."

She said the argument that activists are fighting the government gathers on the basis of romance alone -- the iconic image of herds running free -- is easy to make, but not accurate.

"It can be a persuasive argument because it fits in with the idea of crazy cat ladies and things like that, but that's why I've made it a point to educate myself," Farley said. "... I'm not buying the BLM's numbers. It's as though they are being eliminated on a whim. If it's about range damage, then look at that. If it's about a different political issue, then we need to look at that."


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:20 PM

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Comments: I was putting my horses' leadropes away when the radio said the round up was going through!!! Dad is quite shocked since I didn't really mention this stuff to him before. My siblings are still trying to understand the WHY. I am very close to the cattle I train but I am a horse lover and history is my top school subject. To take away this history me and my family have not yet seen is stealing!!!
  OOOOOHHH!!! I think you are so right Mrs. Farley. BLM is doing it for the good of the cattlemen. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Farley againts BLMs plan to round up.
I was sitting on our couch watching the news, and on the bottom strip it said, "Mustang Round Up, Monday." "BLM Says The Horses Numbers Are Growing And Getting Harder To Control." GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!! I was so mad!!!
At least your family members understand with you, Anonymous. My whole family thinks I am weird for loving the mustangs and wanting to protect them. They just don't understand what BLM is doing and how they think it is better to slaughter the horses!!!
Save the mustangs!
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