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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keeping Wild Horses Wild -- in San Francisco?

TOMMOROW in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Los Angeles and Idaho, peaceful demonstrations against the round ups of wild horses are planned.
If you can come to one of these peaceful demonstrations, please do!
And yes, I'll be in San Francisco. As a fourth-generation Californian who had her first real job in San Francisco, I've always admired the open-hearted and open-minded city and it is, after all, named after Saint Francis, patron saint of animals and the environment.
If you come to the rally in San Francisco, please come up and talk with me! Our password will be the Phantom's secret name. That will tell me you're one of my readers!
For more information on the wild horse rallies, check out
The Cloud Foundation

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:29 PM

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Comments: I wish I could go!!! Good luck with showing BLM a thing or two!! Even though the protest is probably over by now.:D

  I wish i could go also!!! I hope you guys had a big turn out. I live near one of those city's. But even if I could go my parents are kinda at odds with me protesting the freedom of mustangs. But I don't care. I would do almost anything to protect there freedom! Show BLM the truth!!!
Save the mustangs!
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