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Friday, April 09, 2010

Virtual Visit to Your Horses

Hola Readers,
On March 28, mustang advocate Tara Kain took these photos at the wild horse holding pens in Fallon & she is allowing me to share with you.
Above, you'll see some phantom foals, whose births and deaths are not recognized by BLM until the foals are branded.

High spirits can get you hurt in crowded conditions, but these two mustangs have found a somewhat open spot for play.

This mustang's chest shows signs of the pigeon fever which BLM first said was 1) impossible this time of year 2) showing up at Fallon, but not worth treating.
What will that do to wild horses' chances of being returned to the range or transferred to other BLM facilities? And if BLM deemed these same horses healthy when they came in off the range AND say the time of year AND soil conditions aren't right to transmit the disease at the Indian Lakes facility, where did it come from? Some are suggesting horses were infected in the trucks of their captors.
The Cattoor family website claims the company has "humanely" rounded up 150,000 wild horses, burros and wild cattle. Horse experts have mused that one of the main symptoms of Pigeon Fever, seeping pus, might remain behind in even a washed trailer. If it wasn't completely disinfected, they tell me, it could become a crucible of contamination.
I know some of my readers are experienced with Pigeon Fever. What do you think?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:22 PM

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Comments: It's impossible this time of year...and yet it's staring you right in the face. I'm surprised at the way BLM is treating these horses. They captured them, and now the horses have deteriorated under the BLM's care. Wouldn't they have been better off back on the range?!?

  OMG Terri. Just from reading about it and other photos, I think this poor horse has got it. I am afraid of what I will see next Sunday. And also, worried about what they may veil for the tour.
  And this week BLM's admitted to three more dead horses.
But I'm sure you'll see plenty of foals! Throw kisses for me!
(to Ghost Dancer, too)
  I understand Pigeon Fever can be transmitted by IM Vaccinations too;

maybe Sandford used "dirty vaccination needles...

and he transmit the disease from Mustang to Mustang...

(this is one of the way Aids spread

There are MANY Nutrients which can be used to treat this:

Stabilized Rice Bran for Niacin B3
Brewer's Yeast for Riboflavin B2
A MultiVitamin mix Thiamine Vit. B1

Omega Oils like Rice Bran Oil can be given by tablespoon and Vaseline can be put on the Pigeon Fever Blisters...Vitamins cure this
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