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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

BLM Runs Foal to Death

photo from IDA: this foal survived a stampede through the snow, but another wild foal didn't

Dear Readers,
BLM has now rounded up 299 wild horses. They shot one mare they didn't expect to live through the winter and ran a foal to death. A BLM vet did a "field autopsy" and said the little guy had a congenital (he was born with it) heart defect.
I'm suspicious. Perhaps I shouldn't be, but secrecy breeds suspicion. The fact that the press and public are allowed by invitation only and no one else was allowed to look at the colt, plus the vet's instant analysis (let his grammar be a lesson to you), is really distressing.
If you have the heart to read more, including the autopsy report, you can do so here:In Defense of Animals blog

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:16 PM

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Comments: I have the heart to read more because i want to know all the facts. Whether or not this foal had a heart condition it is more likely he would have survived if there was no round up taken place. How many more lives will be lost, how much are they willing to sacrifice before all the mustangs are gone?

  That is soooo sad!!!! I can not BLM has the nerve to do what they are doing!!!! They are killing wild horses without even knowing it!! We need to put a stop to BLM hurting out wild horses!!
I hope the rally went good! Mustangs will near be a legend by the time I am a adult.
And I agree with you, Mrs. Farley. I am suspicous, too. For one thing, BLM will not let public see the round up or see the dead body of the colt.....It is strange.
Save the Mustangs!
  This makes me sick. This poor foal, it's so sad, knowing they can just go on with their lives knowing the suffering this baby went through during his final moments on earth. I wish I could do more. It makes we angry hearing the suffering these wild horses live with practically every day. We all wish wild horses had a voice, but they don't. So we have to be their voice for them.

-Nevada Sunshine
  Nicely said, Nevada Sunshine. Yes, we all want horses to have a voice. I hope things turn out to be a better year for the mustangs! I am going to go pray for them!
Save the Mustangs!
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