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Friday, February 03, 2006

Good News for Three Palominos

Dear Readers,

Three palominos from the Calico Mountains -- the area where the Phantom's fictional herd roams -- may have a happy ending after their capture one year ago.

The three wild horses are entering training to become part of the Marines parade color guard unit. For this parade unit, the Marines use only palomino mustangs!
Who promised the Marines he could find just the right horses? Remember Mike Myers, assistant manager of the Palomino Valley wild horse center who brought his wonderful mustang Wild Cherry to my library visit last summer? He's the guy.
To see photos and read more about the Calico Mountain palominos joining the Marines, you can go here:


If you missed my blog entry about Mike & Wild Cherry, look in my weblog Archives
for June 16, 2005. Go to http://www.terrifarley.com/2005_06_01_archive.html and scroll down until you see photos of a super sorrel mare.

It's worth noticing that Wild Cherry is twelve years old. Under current law, she wouldn't have a chance to be adopted. She would be sold to the highest bidder and since she's a big girl with some draft blood, you know that might mean slaughter.
Please check my blog on Sunday or Monday.
If you are willing to spend five minutes making a phone call or sending an email you can help save horses' lives.

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