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Friday, January 13, 2006


Dear Readers,
What do you think? Is the flurry of emails you're sending me, with questions about SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA, a midwinter longing for the beach or because Imbolc is coming?
Imbolc is a Celtic festival (approximately Jan. 31 - Feb. 2) that celebrates the end of winter and the birth of spring lambs, but maybe you're just all cozied down with books and mine happen to be among them. Whatever it is, I love hearing from you and here are some answers to your questions.

What did Jesse mean when he told Gwen that she never called? Can she just go to the sea and cry seven tears and he will come to her? Can she just call to the sea?

He seems to think that might work or perhaps he just HOPES it would. According to the legends I've read sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't!

If Gwen goes to sea, to the sea lions, will she find Jesse?

No, because male sea lions migrate from Mexico all the way up the coast to Washington!

Is a selkie an immortal? Can Jesse turn Gwen into a Selkie?

Some people say selkies are fallen angels and that would make them immortal, but legends of the selkies pre-date Christianity, so this may be a slightly more recent addition to the story. My reading of the myth says they're supernatural, but mortal and that Jesse can't turn Gwen into a selkie. Still, some stories say a person drowns and a selkie gives her the breath of life, she (or he) would bond with the selkie clan or become an incredible singer.

What would happen to Jesse if Gwen decided to hide his skin?

He would be forced to stay ashore and he would be totally miserable, longing for the sea. And if, by some chance, his skin were destroyed -- in a fire, for instance -- he would be stranded ashore forever.

If Gwen decided to hide his skin, and Jesse stayd with her for 6 years or 6.5 or really close to the seven years and then she gave him back his skinm would Jesse be able to go back to sea?

Yes, but by then he might have grown to hate her.

For more answers to FAQs about SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA, look at my weblog archives and check out last years September 11 entry.

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