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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still, I Am Wild

photo by Cat Kindsfather

Dear Readers,
Prehistoric power like that exploding from this young stallion is a rare sight in modern America. We see physical violence -- shootings on TV, a wrecking ball spraying bricks from an old building, fly-overs dropping death on a village, but not the short-fuse power of a stallion protesting some kind of trespass.
The mystery of a creature so powerful, yet protective, thrills us. It's part of what's helped wild horses to survive.
And it's part of what BLM has stolen and will continue to steal from us tomorrow, and the next day.
Already hundreds of Calico stallions have been spooked into a squeeze chute and shot up with anesthetic and paralytic drugs. Then, they're released. Bursting free of confinement, they gallop a few strides before the drugs take hold. Then, the stallions collapse.
Conscious, but unable to move, they are subjected to surgery. Perhaps it doesn't hurt, as we were told, but a wild stallion will run, when he's beaten. And these stallions must know this fight is stacked against them.
This is a fight he can't win. Neither can he run. He must lie motionless during 4-10 minutes of irreversible castration.
Take a second look at this horse.
Even collared by man's designation of his identity, this horse knows who he is, what he must do. But he has not yet been gelded.
Yesterday, a staffer said BLM has a "reasonable expectation" that these Calico geldings will be adopted. Never mind the thousands of geldings grazing like cattle in long-term holding, far from their rangeland homes.
I hope BLM is right. I hope we swap partnership for what we've allowed to be stolen. I really do.

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