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Monday, September 15, 2008

You're Invited to a Wild Horse Circle

Dear Readers,
I know you'll enjoy reading this online newsletter. You've been invited by the publisher and editor:

"ANYONE that loves horses, and especially Mustangs is welcome to join the Mustang/Burro Family ...They can view the newsletter at our web site - www.wildhorseandburroexpo.com, then click on weekly newsletter.
There are several months up on the site. As time permits, I'm trying to list the questions in each newsletter so folks can easily look up subjects they are interested in.
"The more folks that have access to it, the more Mustangs and their families we can help! And, yes, kids are welcome to join. Most of the time, the content is acceptable to any age. Only once did I warn people that the content was tough; It was pictures of horses that had been abandoned, and they looked pretty awful.

This month, you can window shop for prison-trained horses which will be for sale in October. Enjoy.

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