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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hawaiian Wild Horses

Dear Readers,

Some of you know I recently spent time in Hawaii studying paniolo horsemanship and the wild horses of Waipi'o Valley. While riding in the valley, I wondered if wild horses nibbled away at taro crops.

You'll see from this article Hawai'i's last wild horses incur wrath of farmers - The Honolulu Advertiser, it's a problem which is resulting in deaths of wild horses.

If you read my books, you know I'm sympathetic to small ranchers and farmers following traditional ways. Still, there land can be shared with wild horses. Waipi'o Valley's herds draw visitors who contribute to the local economy in quiet, non-polluting ways.

I'm fascinated with these horses' exciting pasts and the ways in which their free hearts match those of human Hawaiians who've held onto a unique and beautiful culture.

Here's a photo of one Waipi'o horse I spotted.

Please stay alert for more news on the fate of these wild ones.

Best, Terri

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