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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wave

Happy Thursday!
What is it about SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA? Letters from readers who are, to quote:
"... enchanted by SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA!!!!!!" -- come in waves. Or is that natural for a book that takes place at the beach?
I don't know, but I loved writing this book. Each page was an undulating magic carpet ride. I never knew where I'd go next, but I was flying! The setting still haunts me.
Some of you are new to my blog, so you might want to know that you can look in the Archives for FAQ about SEVEN TEARS -- check January 13 and September 11, 2005.
Also, you might be amazed to see the original cover to SEVEN TEARS. Try following the link below and check out the artist's wonderful work! I'm very happy with the cover that SEVEN TEARS has now, but I know you'll enjoy this, too! Just go to the page, look down on the right and you'll see the caption SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA under a magical picture. Click, go and sigh! http://art.webesteem.pl/6/pham_en.php

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