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Monday, May 22, 2006


Dear Readers,
Since DAWN RUNNER has been out. I've heard from lots of readers who want to know more about mythical horses like the Dawn Runner.
I'm delighted to share some stories I know but, the first horse who popped into my mind was a REAL horse who grew to be a legend.
Bucephalus was Alexander the Great's horse and a WILD THROWBACK TO PREHISTORIC TIMES.
Alexander & his great black horse got together (his name means bull head & though some say the horse had a very wide brow, others say he was named for a white shoulder marking)when Alex was 12-years old. He tamed the unrideable stallion with kind words and careful observation -- noticing Bucephalus was shying from his own shadow.
The story goes Alexander rode the stallion into the sun and lots of people have used that as a metaphor for the rest of Alexander's life, since he went on to what was considered glory at the time. He conquered much of the known world and rode the Bucephalus until the stallion died of battle wounds. Alexander grieved and named a city after his horse.
But wait, there's more -- legend also says that Bucephalus had TOES in place of a front hoof. This would mean he was a throwback to Euohippus, or another very, very early horse.
Is this possible? Research it on your own! You might start by looking up polydactlism!

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