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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GOLD -- Galloping at you!

Dear Readers,
Today's the launch day for GALLOPING GOLD and I'm eager to hear from the first one of you to read it! Tell me what you think about all of the surprises I've tucked in there for you, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!
Isn't the palomino pinto above a beauty? I know you'll love exploring the website
where I found him and other
Rare wild horses and when you do, don't miss the photos of Top Rail, Satan's Fury and other amazing horses.
Reading Rocks, guys & don't ever forget it!!!

p.s. yesterday I saw two rainbows. My Hawaiian friend Kylie says that's a good sign & means I'm supposed to remember something

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:44 AM

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Comments: I've gotta get my mom to help me order this off the internet!!! It always takes FOREVER for my local book stores to get the new phantom and wild horse island books. yet they always have all the other book series RIGHT as they come out.
well "blah" to my local book stores!
Can't wait to read it and that paint is so pretty. I used to ride a pony that had that coloring (her name was butterscotch.)
This is your last book in the series right :(
  p.s. i looked at the website and those are some beautiful horses. Love 'um and totally want one!
  What a gorgeous horse! I've already emailed you what I thought of Galloping Gold,Terri,But I'll say it again.....I LOVED IT!

  Wow what a champion picture shot! I would give anything to see that horse in person. Mrs. Farley do you know if Yellowstone National park supports wild horses? I might be going there this summer!
  I haven't started reading the Wild horse island books yet....I'm wanting to finish the Phantom stallion ones first!!! My dads horse is a palomino pinto his Name is Oscar and He's a 13 year old Gelding ( He acts like a stallion but they say is Because he wasn't gelded right....lol)

  Butterscotch, I'm sorry about your local bookstore. Is it a chain or an independent store?
Yellowstone not only has horsebacking riding tours, they are supportive of wild horses --here's a link: (http://www.yellowstonepark.com/Things/ThingToDoDetails.aspx?magacatid=2&tid=39
Courtney, I know exactly what you mean about your dad's horse! The gelding next door is a mustang named Whiskey and he acts like a stallion, even lowering and snaking his head to herd his pasture mate, Darlin' !
Thanks for reading, all.
  Well, there is an independant one called Doylestown Book Store and then the other nearby one is Borders which is a chain.
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