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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dead of Winter: Foals forced from wombs by BLM

Kindness and care helped this premature foal survive, but he wasn't born after a reckless stampede

Dear Readers,
I wish Blogger hadn't gone out of service at the same time my laptop died AND I had to be on the road with no wifi.
But I'm back and you'll be hearing lots from me in the next few days, maybe more than you want.
I won't lie to you; all the warnings we gave BLM about the roundups in winter, are coming true.
Twenty six wild horses have died in BLM's Calico round-ups and that number does NOT include the twenty foals that died before they could live -- due to stress-induced miscarriages.
But the round ups go on.
I've had dreams about these mares, fleeing helicopters for miles, made awkward by their pregnant bellies, falling, getting up, galloping to catch their herd, jumbling together with another herd brought in by a second helicopter. Bodies slam together, as they are chased running and gasping down chutes,into metal sided trailers.
And then, when the mares have been robbed of last springs colts which try to huddle beside them, the mares go into premature labor.
Imagine these animal realizing in such a strange environment, at least this is one thing -- giving birth -- has remained the same. But the new foals come too early. Their mothers rip open birth sacks with their teeth, but when they tenderly lick the little nostrils clear so that the foals can breathe, they don't.
It's bad news. Awful news, but we're not letting our horses go without a fight.
Please watch for my (late) newsletter for recommendations on what you can do to help.
Hugs to you all,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:44 PM

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Comments: I'll be certaint to watch and I've already sent my letters out and sent them to friends as well.

  Those poor mares and foals! I have sent a letter to BLM and i am praying so hard I think my brain is going to buldge!
Save the Mustangs!
  THIS IS SO TERRIBLE! WHY do they keep doing this? How do the BLM employees not have the heart to stop this? How can they stand there and watch this? It's TERRIBLE!
  Government intervention-" Don't worry we are here to help you". And you want to put the same type of folks in charge of your health care when they have no compassion even for horses in foal! Snort!(sorry)
This foal looks pretty healthy to me, his front legs big and strong, lots of good bone- in other word he doesn't look like he was born from a 'starved' mother.
  Vaquerogirl- that's what the foal looks like now.. thanks to the help from people who cared. As the caption below it states. We havn't seen the earlier stage of his birth before hand or what he looked liked before hand. He and others like him are prone to death as soon as they're born and without help many aren't as lucky as this little fella you see in the picture.

  I wish so badly I could tell our mustangs how sorry I am for all this. They never deserved this : (

-Nevada Sunshine
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