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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Riding with you

Dear Readers,

According to my email, lots of you are wondering why you can't find another WILD HORSE ISLAND title after GALLOPING GOLD, book 11.

Here's what's up:

For business reasons, GALLOPING GOLD will be the last WILD HORSE ISLAND book.

Those of you who've just started reading my books, never fear! Counting the original PHANTOM series & WHI, there are 35 of them, so you have lots of reading ahead of you!

To you great long-time readers who've ridden along with Sam & Darby & me -- THANK YOU! I promise to keep writing my newsletter, blog and Sam's blog! And, since my writing is heading off in an exciting new direction, I also promise to keep you posted on where I'll pop up next!

I'd still love to do a Special Edition to the original PHANTOM STALLION series. If you'd like to share your feelings YES or NO about a Special Edition with my publisher, HarperCollins has a comment area on its website, here: http://harpercollinschildrens.com/HarperChildrens/Home/ContactUs.aspx?TCId=100

No matter which direction my career turns, I'll never stop fighting for the horses.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:43 PM

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Comments: I would LOVE for You to do a Special Edition of The Phantom stallion!!!! It would be cool if Sam and Jake Became Boyfriend/Girlfriend!!!!!

  awwwww I almost cried when i read the newsletter. so will their be no more PHANTOM STALLION books?): besides the special edition):
Will you be making any more horse related books ( I know thats a dumb question, but you never know.)
Good luck!
<3 Nicole
(aka ps and whi lover 4ever)
  HI Nicole,
Yes, GALLOPING GOLD will be the last of my PHANTOM STALLION books, unless there's a Special Edition. That's why I shared the link to their comment site. :) Terri
NOOOOOO!!! I can't believe that's the last of Phantom Stallion :(. I am so sad, and like Nicole, I almost cried. Will you do a "DARBY BLOG" like "SAM BLOG"? I would love it if you did that.

Please do a Special Edition!!! And of Darby's series too. !!!
Thanks, and keep writing!!!
PS: Tell us what your new books are :)
  I was going to leave a comment, but wasn't sure of which inbox to direct it to. There are several, and I wasn't sure which one to send it to...
  35 is a good number! A special edition would be awesome! But PLEASE!!!!! One of the reasons I love the phantom stallion and wild horse island books (there are many) is because there is hardly any romance compared to other horse series and if you made jake and sam all kissy and lovey in the special edition I'm pretty sure I'd die! well not quite but I'd be pretty bummed out. you know? The Phantom is MY #1 boy character. I'd like it best if you kept him Sam's #1 too.
  What is the exciting new direction? Does it still have horses? I'll miss PS and WHI.
Always fighting for wild horses!
  I am sooooooooooo sad. The phantomstallion series has been my favourite series since Istarted reading it. I can't believe there won't be any more. I feel so bummed! I'm sorry butterscotch but I do want Jake and Samantha to get together. I think it would be great if they got together after all they've been through. But not to much smoochy stuff just keeping it to a minimum,(but please let there be a few romantic scenes. Maybe you could add some conflict between them in the beginning just to make it even more juicy. Some pointers from a dear friend.
  Dear Terri,
I'm totally depressed about you ending the phantomstallion series but please I'd like to ask.Could you make Sam and Jake have a romantic part and maybe get Darby in it somehow?
  Well, I guess it would be okay, as long as the book was about the phantom for the most part and not jake and sam being kissy. But one thing I've been thinking about, isn't Jake kind of...old? I guess not too much. p.s. I dont think I can win against all these readers that want them to get romantic any way ;)
  What direction is your career turning? No more books?
  Im SOOOO with you butterscotch pony!
  Romance would be okay, but it would kind of change the whole spirit of the book. The main characters are Sam and the Phantom, right? I think just some romance would be fine with me, but I'd like for it to focus on the horses.
  Hey it's me again.(I'm the one who wrote comments 8 and 9).T was wondering if the direction you're turning doesn't include Phantomstallion then is there no more chance of there being a phantomstallion movie. I was so looking forward to that!
  Hey it's me again. I'm the one who wrote comments 8 and 9 and hopefully 13 (I don't know yet because I just had it sent it). Anyway I wanted to ask, when are you going to tell us the new direction that you're heading to?
P.S. I'm officially going to make my commenting name to HorseCanadian* because I think that it would be cool to be identified by a certain name instead of just anonymous,(incase anybody cares).
  Does anybody know I'm canadian (which means I'm from Canada for those who don't know)
I was just wondering are you(as in Terri) planning to make any appearances in other countrys like mine 'cause that would be so cool!
I'm sure you have alot of fans in othr countries too.
  GOOD warmbloodlover! I thought I was the only one!
  Hi again Terri
I have a question that has been on my mind lately. Are there any PS and WHI (or Terri Farley) fan club sites. I was just wondering if there were any because I don't seem to know them if there are. I think that it would be nice if any fans of you (and your books)could communicate with each other and talk sbout their opinions on it all.I really enjoy the whole commenting business and I'm sure lots of other fans would too. This is just a suggestion but if there aren't any fan sites than maybe you Harper collins or you (I don't mean to give you more work but...) could create one.
  This would be sooooooooo cool. You should totally have Sam and Jake have a little love. Maybe a few really sweet hugs, or kisses on cheeks. Rides together to watch the sunset. Anything that would make it romantic, but not insanely romantic. Sam and jake are my favorite characters, and it would be fun to have a romantic spin to the story. Hope you can make specials.
  Wow, it's finally over, isn't it? It has just hit me, that strange realization that thesse characters we have grown to know like they are our best friends will be leaving us for good. I feel the same as when J.K. Roweling announced that our Beloved Harry Potter will be no more, or when Stephanie Meyer announced Breaking Dawn would be the last we would ever see of Edward and Bella. I just wat you to know, Terri, that I have been with Sam, Darby, the Phantom, Ace, and Hoku throughout the series, and am thoroughly disappointed that they will be no more. Well, as old friends are lost, we gain more.

Happy trails (literally)
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