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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Friendship in Cyberspace

Dear Readers,
Sorry I forgot to provide links to my Facebook & MySpace pages. You'll find lots of horsey & bookish folks there!

www.myspace.com/terrifarley profile.php?id=503685130&ref=profile

http://www.facebook.com/MySpace.com - Terri - 99 - Female - VERDI, Nevada -
If you go visit, please leave me a message!!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:09 PM

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Comments: Hey Terri! I am your friend on Myspace, and I have sent you a message. Check the message out and please reply to it. Thanks!
  Katie again.
I have a question. Do you have a youtube account? I'm just curious...but it would be cool if you had one... ;)
  does anyone play Howrse on here?? Terri, you included! (:
Just wondering!

  ahh i love howrse its so fun!
and mrs. farely u know im an avid myspace/email updater so ill b in touch
  OOH! I'm so going to visit!
Thanks for the links!
  Here I am again. Lol. Anyway, I have sent you a message like you asked your readers too. Please read it and respond and I will help you in any way I can.
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