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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Have you had any thoughts about extending the Wild Horse Island series to more than eight books, like the Phantom Stallion series?
Yes...it's hard to decide, though, since I have some other books I want to writer, too! -

Is there a real 'Iolani Ranch?
No, but the ranch where I researched the style of the paniolo is a lot like 'Iolani Ranch! It's called Dahana Ranch and it's on the Big Island of Hawaii.

How did you find the Dahana Ranch?

I was searching for paniolo style horsemen and came across Harry Nakoa, the trainer and owner at Dahana Ranch and I got in touch with Kiyo and they welcomed me to their bunkhouse! You can explore the ranch, its people and horses at: DahanaRanch.com

How did the real Hoku catch your eye and become the model for the Hoku in WILD HORSE ISLAND?
I just saw her wandering around the ranch yard and fell in love. One person said, "Oh no, if you like sorrels, look at Pua." I did, and she's a beauty, but something about Hoku just hooked my heart. The second time I went back, I rode her and wow...wow...wow...

I had no idea there were cowboys & cowgirls in Hawaii. How did you find out about them?
Paniolo have been in my head since I was a little girl. There was a one sentence reference to them in my fourth grade California history book!


August 21! And I can hardly wait. It was so much fun to write and not only does it have an incredible cover, but it's full of island magic.
Take a peek here: http://www.phantomstallion.com/whi.html click on the ORANGE flower and see if you can find the rainbow

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