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Friday, December 15, 2006

Surrounded by Wild Horses

Dear Readers,
If you've read as far as FREE AGAIN (book 5) in the PHANTOM series, you know about the Blind Faith wild horse sanctuary. You probably know, too, that the real Phantom is gathering a herd in a real sanctuary right this minute.
But did you know
The Wild Horse Sanctuary (the Phantom's new home) allows you to go out among the wild horses?
Here's a short description:
The Wild Horse Sanctuary provides public viewing opportunities and a natural learning environment for the general public. We also offer two-day and three-day pack trips for observation and photography of the wild horses. At the end of each day spent riding the wild horse trails, guests relax at our base camp with frontier-style sleeping cabins, a cookhouse, hearty meals, educational lectures, and of course, a campfire. All proceeds go toward the non-profit sanctuary.

I'm pretty sure they're taking ride reservations already, or if someone wanted to make a gift of a ride, I bet they could call the sanctuary. Photos of the horses & details are at wildhorsesanctuary.com.

Something exciting: Although we're just brainstorming now, I'm talking with the sanctuary about launching a REAL wild horse camp like the Dream Catcher camp that sprung up in GYPSY GOLD, then started in RUN AWAY HOME. If it happens, I'll definitely be part of it...maybe teaching how to WRITE about horses!
Let me know what you think of that idea, okay?
And please don't be disheartened by my slooow responses. I still love hearing from you, even if I have to spend most of my waking hours writing BOOKs instead of emails!

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