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Monday, November 10, 2008

Return of the Grim Reaper: BLM

Dear Readers,
If you haven't already seen the news, you will.
BLM is back stronger than ever saying they can't afford to feed the horses in captivity.
Like you, I just want to yell that they've mismanaged the wild horses for a generation and gotten themselves in this position, but we need to suggest solutions, so start thinking.
Some things I've been mulling over --

Put the horses back on the range. Do some feed drops when the weather warrants it, and it would still be much less expensive than spending millions on round-ups and renting corrals, etc.
Would this mean the horses would live shorter lives? That's likely, but they'd be free.

Keep some mustangs in large sanctuaries where visitors could see them from viewing decks, on tours, etc. and they would earn their keep.

Curtail the over use of land by domestic animals

Discourage, don't ENcourage unnaturally large herds of "game" species

Things like that.
I hope to be speaking next Monday and I will give you a place to email your ideas this week.
Best, Terri

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