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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Dear Readers,

I have a message for you from Bonnie Matton, President of the Wild Horse Preservation League :

"When Wild Horse Annie was trying to get a bill passed in 1971 to protect the wild horses and burros, IT WAS THE CHILDREN WHO HELPED GET IT THROUGH CONGRESS. Now, I’m sure, it will be you and your friends will help save the Mustangs - our American Heritage - just as the children, citizens of the United States and other countries, helped Annie. These magnificant animals belong to YOU, not to the Bureau of Land Management who are the overseers of both them and the public lands where the wild ones have the right to freely roam."

I want to add my plea, as well. You can help the horses HUGELY by making a thirty second phone call . It will cost next to nothing.
Pick one (or both) of the phone numbers. .

If you call (202) 208-3801 anytime after 7:30 a.m., Eastern time, you'll reach the office of Mr. Jim Caswell (director of BLM) .

Tell whoever answers what you're thinking.

I'll be saying something like this : America's wild horses belong to the American people. I am a citizen and I want MY horses alive, running wild and free. Please pass on my message to __________________. May I please have your name so that I may follow up, later?

If that line is busy, try the office of the Secretary of the Interior -- Mr. Dick Kempthorne (202) 208-3100 (Secretary of the Interior) -- wait for option #5, the Bureau of Land Management and tell whoever answers there, what you're thinking.

The horses can't speak for themselves.
You are their voice,

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