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Saturday, July 28, 2007

ANGLOPHILES: the rest of your day is spoken for..

Dear Readers,
In honor of Celtic shapeshifters like my selkie pal Jesse (oh, and I suppose Harry Potter, too) you've got to polish up your British slang.
Go to WHOOHOO.CO.UK and play around a bit!
If you'd like to speak in a posh way ...

One loves playing with the whoohoo.co.uk british dialect translator. it's soh much geay!

Phantom stallion is cracking! Heavens above! How smashing!

If you'd rather have an Irish lilt to your email ...

IRISH: Oi jist finished writin' a new buk!

Or, RHYMING COCKNEY SLANG is code talking(for secrets or to keep outsiders um, outside!)
It uses words that rhyme with the real word. For instance, in the sentence below Captain Hook = Book

Me mother's pearly gate new Captain Hook is aahhht!

Have fun!!!

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