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Friday, October 06, 2006


CONRAD BURNS: in December 2004, Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) added wording to a spending bill that demands the sale for any purpose, including slaughter, of wild horses older than 10 years or any horse which fails to find a family after three tries at adoption. Since then, many wild horses have been slaughtered.

The bad news: Sen. Conrad Burns said yesterday that $ for adequate body armor for soldiers he helped send into battle would “just bust the budget,” but he voted for a $20 million post-war party!

The good news
: Burns' chance of re-election in Nov. is slipping. His opponent is slightly ahead!

SEVEN TEARS fans & friends of sea creatures -- I just thought you might like to read about a young Canadian marine biologist doing her part to save sea lions! www.vanaqua.org/aquanew/fullnews.php?id=2028

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