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Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Q & A

Q: Terri, I read that you don't eat mammals. I'm a vegetarian, but sometimes I can't resist junk food. What's the worst thing you DO eat? :)

A: This is a funny question, but I feel so guilty I'm answering. I'm pretty careful about what I cook and eat. Lots of fruits and vegetables, brown rice, a bit of chicken and fish, but my worst nutritional lapse is bad, full of chemicals and fat.

Q: I am a total fanatic about your books. When I was looking at all the books, I realized that #13 was about a horse named Jinx. 13...Jinx. Did you do that purposely or did it just turn out that way?

A: I absolutely did it on purpose and it's fun that you noticed!

Q: Do you play any video games? Especially horse ones? Which do you like best?

A: I don't play any horse games, but I admit I like Wild Wild Words a lot!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:12 PM

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Comments: OH I'm guilty as well ha ha! Cheetos are the best. The only meat I basicaly eat is chicken and a little beef. Strawberries... oh Horsefeathers that's the best!
  haha! my sister get's cheetos all the time. That is funny. I'll tell her that she and my favorite author have something in common! Also I've always wondered that about heart break bronco! COOL!
  I confess I totally love deserts! But I only eat them around the holidays so....am I really too naughty??????

Also if you all want a FUN horse website go to www.Howrse.com! you can breed horses, enter in competions, and all sorts of things! It is really cool! And you wound't believe how many people's user names are

TerriFarleyhorsegirl or Terrifarley or Phantomstallion
  Of course desserts aren't naughty! :)
  Anna writes: Thank u for the "Howrse" website; this is a good way to get involved for anyone wwill get their own horse or Pony one day...; thanks;

ps yes, please send Terri the painting of Horse's "by the Sea; when complete; since I am not an artist; I collect pictures of Horses and then paste the pictures on poster board; then I put the "horse collage on wall like a painting; looks neat and free !

best news; no artistic talent required to make "Horse Collages from pictures; just paper + paste;a
  CHEETOS ARE GREAT!!! I like spaghetti alot except that it gets caught in my braces and i also love STRAWBERRIES...
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