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Friday, October 03, 2008

Stars in your eyes?

Dear Readers,
Last month I had a HOLLYWOOD dinner & talked about possibilities for a PHANTOM STALLION movie. Nothing's definite yet, so don't get too excited, but I thought you might like a chance to pretend it was going to happen soon.
This should be fun! If you were the casting director for a PHANTOM STALLION movie, which young actress would you BEG to audition for the role of Samantha Forster? Then, please tell me which movie or TV show would gives the best idea of why she'd be the perfect Sam! Or, give me a link to a video.
How do you do that? I am accepting reader comments right here, right now! Just click on the ENVELOPE below!
Have fun,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:48 PM

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Comments: Sent :D
  This is awesome!! Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, did the same thing.... and now Twilight is a movie. It could happen to this too!

If Dakota Fanning was old enough she would be good. I don't know how old she is though.
Hmm, maybe Selena Gomez... I don't really know of many young girl actresses who remind me of Sam, those are the only ones I could think of :)

  I think Dakota Fanning would be great!!!! She was awesome in the movie Dreamer with Kurt Russell and she's 14 years old.

  Dakota Fanning.... is my vote!
  Abigail Breslin is perfect and didn't somebody say Selena Gomez? I think I like her, but what's she been in? Miranda Cosgrove? Or, does Emma Roberts really ride? She might be good.
  Emma Roberts, is a good choice, but what if the director found someone new? Like mentioned, a new face...someone that loves the Phantom Stallion series and knows Sam.
  Dear Readers,
I love your suggestions and HOW COOL WOULD IT BE if a new young actress was discovered because of her love for the PHANTOM books?
Gives me chills,
  HI! This is in response to your movie Phantom Stallion idea. Please don't pick a girl like Dakota Fanning, or Abigail Breslen. They've been in sooo many movies. I think Sam should be someone who doesn't mind getting dirty, and who doesn't have to dye her hair for the movie. For instance, the casting directors for the Chronicles of Narnia picked 'nobodys' who could actually identify with the character. Please at least consider what I wrote. I know that it would spoil the books for me if a 'fake' Sam acted in a movie. Thanks for listening! - A fan.
  Wow! I really hope Phantom Stallion gets a movie! That'd be FANTASTIC!! Maybe Selena Gomez, I don't know :D Or maybe a real PS reader, who can ride and loves horses, but can act too. It would be more real, if you know what I mean.
  dear mrs. farely,
as you know my comment is going to be that none of those actresses would be good for the part none of them are true blue cowgirls. from a readers point of view i think you do need a fresh new face mabey someone whos never acted befor that way they can keep there cowgril essence and be capable of being molded it would be awsome to see a reall cowgril up there. ive talked to a few of my friends and even my trainer and i said that if it was some actress we would all know it just wouldnt have that country feel to it, but if it was a reall cowgirl then we would all know. try and find someone with a real heart for horses.

your friend,

lika malia walakeli
(lisa marie walker)
  Hi Terri!
The age may be a little dilemna but i think Kristen Stewart would be a really good Sam :)She's in the new Twilight movie and has been in several others, such as Zathura and The Messengers. :)

:) Crystal xo
  Dakota Fanning
  Um.. Miley Cyrus. She's a country girl if there ever was one. Lol. I'm pretty sure she rides too. But, the 'new face' idea is awesome. That would be the coolest thing ever!

God Bless,
  If there is a movie i would love to audition for it. I love horses i have 7 of them I've only been around them for a little over a year but I love riding...I'm only 12 but I look like i'm 13-14 and I'm a cowgirl i don't mind getting dirty and I love the phantom stallion books!!!

  I am all for getting someone new. Picking someone like Dakota, Miley, Emma or anyone else who has already made it big has many down falls:
a) You limit the story because everyone will see the actress and not the role.
b) Big actress, big money, big contract. They might have to vary from the story because of something the actress wants in or out of the movie.
c) It will make it "just one more (insert name)" movie.

I think they should have auditions and try to pick a fan but if not a fan atleast someone new. I am sure at one point in time we have all wished we could play the role of one character if the made a movie or even just thought "hey I am JUST LIKE Jen!". I know I always compared myself with Sam in some ways (I was quiet the cowgirl until we have to move when I was 12 now every time I go back and help my grandparents gather cattle or whatever it seems I am always messing something up! lol) and Jen in others (I was homeschooled and never was huge into looks and fashion... I totally used to wear those bright colors... the 90's where scary for the fashion industry lol).

Soooo with all that said I think it would be best to look for someone new and I would love have a part (even as a stunt double cause they are the ones who really get to have the fun!) but I could name several fans that I think would be perfect for different roles.

I really hope this does happen... us fans have been waiting and dreaming for awhile now!
  I wana be sam :]
lol but I look like nothing like her :[
or I don't think I do?
I think dakota fanning
but I agree she has been in a lot of movies
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